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Employment Act to cover management staff

The Employment Act will be amended to cover management staff, said Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran.

He said the amendment would provide them with protection regardless of how much they earn. At present the Act only protects those who earn RM2,000 and below.

“Management staff also need protection such as a written contract but they will not get the same privileges as union staff.”

He pointed out that the number of people losing their jobs has remained between 20,000 and 30,000 over the last few years, and the figures show nothing unusual.

He said there are more than enough jobs to go around and employees can also rely on the Employment Insurance Scheme.

“A lot of Acts are outdated and changes are needed to bring them in line with the International Labour Organisation.

“While offering protection to foreign workers here, the close to one million Malaysians, who are working abroad, also need the same level of protection,“ he said.

Kulasegran added that the government will keep to its election pledge of creating one million jobs.

Source: The Sun Daily